Bonjour de France! Simple joys of collecting via eBay

In some ways it’s a little too easy to collect Moody Blues items in the internet era.  Finding an official pressing of Moving Mountains was once a little tricky and meant digging around.   Now of course you can take your pick of a number of them on eBay.  But I don’t mind at all – some things that would have been out of reach or hard to find simply wouldn’t have come my way.

I watched the Nights In White Satin documentary (thank you, internet, for pointing me to the DVD release) and it was the first I heard of the story about the Patricia version of the song being out ahead of their own!  Some quick eBay looking for a very reasonable price, a 45 was on its way from France to my door.  It arrived with a post-it note signed “bonjour de France”.  A simple pleasure in connecting with another music lover in another part of the world.

More often than not now the Moodies items I find worth my interest come from abroad – France, Japan, Australia, of course, the UK.  I definitely get an added smile when something comes with a nice little note of thanks or sharing of an interest!