Will the Hall of Fame Ceremony Be The Last Moodies Gig? – UPDATE: No

There was a brief announcement a few days ago about a Sur la Mer II Moody Blues Cruise, which John (via Kristian) has made clear they are not part of. There are no Moody Blues dates listed on their website. I would imagine at least Justin will keep touring (indeed he has dates posted through June). But I wonder….

Update: I wondered, but I was not entirely correct.  The band has added some Vegas dates in the fall.  But Graeme was recently quoted as saying he is exhausted after a month of dates, and John was also quoted as saying the band wouldn’t stop if Graeme retired saying “did we stop when Mike left? .. Ray?” (paraphrased).  I’m not sure dropping to the Js is the same, but I think they’re still laying the groundwork.

And you know what?  Graeme and all of them have earned any retirement they wish.