High School Music Video

I’m sure, reader, you are surprised to learn I was a dedicated member of the media club in high school. As such, in our senior year, we were supposed to produce a short video to air on the last morning of classes.

So of course I chose a Moody Blues recording that, at the time, felt like the uplifting sort of track one wanted for a ceremony like that. In retrospect, … well, that was more than 20 years ago. So allow me my retro thoughts on song selection, though my selections were never popular.

Long story told I thought the result was long lost. I’m so happy it has surfaced for no other reason than I get to show my daughter I wasn’t lying about what I was capable of in high school.

I’d love it if I could find the video I created in place of the video I intended for the last day… I guess we always have lost things? That one was set to You and Me.